“…a poignant and inspiring look inside Israeli society. A must-see.”

– Natan Sharansky, Author, Human Rights Activist



“It does no persuading, arguing or advocacy whatsoever…it’s an emotional, inspiring look at what accounts for Israel’s success.”

– The Jerusalem Post



“An extraordinary film.”

– Former Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL, 19th district)



“Israel Inside is a true feel-good movie that inspires the viewer to work to make the world a better place for everyone.”

– Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, Founder, The Israel Project



“Israel Inside is superb. It’s broad yet deep. It’s light yet serious. It’s accessible yet formidable. It’s truthful, well-paced and tightly written.”

– Jeff Morry, Senior Program Manager, The Asper Foundation



“…an intriguing documentary that shows the world the special country Israel is…it shows how Israel has used its success for the benefit of the world, something we as Jews are particularly proud of.”

– Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, Emeritus Chief Rabbi, United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth



“Israel Inside beautifully illustrates the incredible achievements of such a tiny nation. It is truly mind-boggling what Israel has achieved in just over 60 years of statehood and after a national history of 3,600 years.”

– George Gilder, Author, “The Israel Test”



“This is just a remarkable, remarkable film. And it does so much to project not only positively but visibly in ways that… make you cry, make you reach out, make you feel… its absolutely amazing.”

– Professor Alan Dershowitz, Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law, Harvard Law School