New Technology Turns Any Mirror Into a 3D Display By: Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski Arutz Sheva attended Microsoft Israel R&D Center’s fourth annual Think Next 2012 conference in Tel Aviv and met the (Innovation Labs) iLabs team, which has developed a new technology. (more…) Continue reading

With New class, Cal Grad Furthers her Pro-Israel Battle By: Dan Pine At her upcoming workshops, co-leader Jessica Felber will stand before Jewish high school students, work herself up into a minor rage and harp about the Zionist entity being an apartheid state. Not that she believes it. (more…) Continue reading

Redhill Reports Success in Cancer Nausea Trial RedHill Biopharma Ltd. (TASE: RDHL) today announced success in the pivotal bioequivalence clinical trial of RHB-102 for the prevention of nausea in cancer patients. The trial met the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) endpoints comparing the once-a-day controlled release of RHB-102 with Zofran, made by GlaxoSmithKline plc (NYSE; LSE: GSK), the leading treatment for the prevention of nausea in cancer patients, which is taken several times a day. (more…) Continue reading

Israeli Donor Saves Turkish Patient’s Life A Turkish leukemia patient, out of treatment options after 22 years, was matched with a bone marrow donor from Israel, resulting in a life-saving surgery against the backdrop of political tensions between their countries. (more…) Continue reading

Microsoft, Intel opening new research, start-up projects in Israel By DAVID SHAMAH Intel and GE Healthcare are opening a new research center to develop better medical device technologies, while Microsoft is opening its first-ever start-up accelerator in the Holy Land. (more…) Continue reading

Paralyzed Woman To Complete Marathon Using Robotic Skeleton BY  A British woman who was paralysed in an accident five years ago is planning to use a robotic exoskeleton to help her complete the London marathon in April. Claire Lomas, who will be raising money for charity by taking part, thinks it may take her up to three weeks to finish. (more…) Continue reading

Bloomberg: Israel Safest for Investing By: Koby Yeshayahou Among all the stock markets in developed countries, guess which one produced the highest risk-adjusted returns in the last ten years? The Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Granted, in 2011 the TASE yielded lower returns than Wall Street and European markets, but the last decade shows a different picture. (more…) Continue reading

Israel among world’s most educated countries


OECD report indicates that Israel ranks second in percentage of population with post-secondary degrees.

Israel is among the world's most highly educated countries, according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). (more…) Continue reading

Israeli ‘to-do’ app voted best app of 2011 By TIFFANY STELMAN/NOCAMELS Ever feel frustrated over the way you organize your to-do’s? Tangled in a web of post-it stickers hung around your office? There might be some hope yet. Any.DO, an Israeli social to-do app that organizes user’s tasks in new and creative ways, has been voted best Android app of 2011 by Techcrunch. (more…) Continue reading

Israel, The Third Nation on the Moon? If all goes according to plan, by December 2012 a team of three young Israeli scientists will have landed a tiny spacecraft on the moon, explored the lunar surface, and transmitted live video back to earth, thereby scooping up a $20 million prize (the Google Lunar X Prize), revolutionizing space exploration, and making the Jewish State the third nation (after the U.S. and Russia) to land a probe on the moon. And they’re doing it in their spare time. (more…) Continue reading