It was a great pleasure to meet you and to learn about your extensive outreach and educational efforts on behalf of Israel. Your methodology of drawing upon the power of film, great Jewish minds, and interactive education is novel and impactful.”

“Your newest film, Israel Inside, in my eyes, could help reshape the way Israel is perceived by the world today.”

MK Yuli Edelstein

Minister of Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs, The State of Israel

Download complete letter here.

…the screening of Israel Inside at the BBYO convention was fantastic. We had over 200 students watch the film and they were all engaged and went out into their communities to educate others on Israel . I think this film is a great way for students to see Israel. It makes you feel so proud and want to go. I am planning to go next summer.

Every BBYO chapter as well as all the other youth groups and hebrew schools should use the Step Up For Israel films. I am so much more knowledgeable about Israel and am excited to get involved in Israel groups on campus next year when am at Indiana University.

Thank you so much for creating this eye-opening film!”

Julie Konners


After watching the film Israel Inside: How a Small Nation Makes a Big Difference, you’ll come away with a greater appreciation for the amazing achievements of the Jewish state, even if you know Israel well — and even if you live there, as I do!”

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

President, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

I found “Israel Inside” to be an inspiring and informational story of transformation and triumph, and the message it delivers is consistent with the quality programming we provide for our intelligent audience at WPBA.”

Dustin Lecate

Director of Television, Atlanta Public TV

Many, many congratulations on the film about Israel. It’s the film we’ve been waiting for for more than a decade.
Superbly well done.
I truly look forward to working with you in the future.”

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Emeritus Chief Rabbi, United Hebrew Congregation of the Commonwealth

I can’t thank you enough for the video (Israel Inside). It was such an incredible gesture to share this amazing film with the group. I have already watched it twice. Everyone (Jewish or not) should see this film to get a true sense of how special Israel is and can be.”

Mark Bearman

Chief Operating Officer, The Herbert Bearman Foundation, Inc

We have just had our Yom Hazi’karon and Yom Haatzmauth celebration at school as we break up for two weeks tomorrow for our autumn break.
I showed the movie Israel Inside and it was the most successful program we have had so far.

After the movie we had a writing competition and we are just reading the responses now and I almost want to cry when I read what the kids have written…I would never have believed the response that we got.

One kids wrote and I quote ‘Ï was so happy to see the colours and the children and the treés. We always see war and black and white and fighting. I was ss happy to see that Israel is ‘normal like other countries.”

Auryt Jacobson

Head of Jewish Life and Hebrew, Masada College, Sydney Australia

Israel inside was shown at the Hadassah national board meeting in Dallas Texas. They laughed,applauded and asked if it could be shown in their regions. Everyone was enthusiastic and felt that it should be shared extensively.”

Judy Sherek

Hadassah Chair Zionist Affairs

As a visiting professor and keynote speaker at important domestic and international symposia in China, I found Israel Inside to be an effective gateway into discussions on Israel’s innovation and entrepreneurial success, going beyond its size and in the face of adversity. It sparked great interest in students, faculty and executives – to learn more and for closer relations with Israel companies and universities.”

Prof. Michael Radnor

Northwestern University School of Business

Please excuse the delayed but very important thank you for your participation in our Teen Leadership Seminar at JNF’s National Conference. The Israel Inside movie was a great hit and a favorite part of the day according to the teen evaluations.”

Anne Tanhoff Greenspoon

Associate Director, Israel Advocacy & Education, JNF Conference, Denver

I have just watch Israel Inside and had an emotional experience I was not expecting. I am a proud Jew and Israeli and feel great pride in the good news that frequently comes out of Israel and the Jewish world. But this movie has inflated my pride like nothing else and so I submit my note of thanks…I have often felt that Israel needs a PR firm to help with its image to the outside world and to tell the real story of this country and its people. Nothing could be better for that, than Israel Inside. Thank you for doing this and for making sure that people like me get to see it.”


Jewish Foundation of Manitoba

This video/movie is arguably the best ever produced showcasing what it is that makes Israel unique in history.
It eloquently identifies the elements that have allowed the creation of modern Israel as the world center of technology development, driven by its signature cultural imperative of Tikun Olam – Repair the World.
Take 40 minutes and prepare yourself to be awed and inspired!”

Les Lawrence

Lawrence Foods

This film is the best message to come out of the Holy Land since the Ten Commandments.”

Kenneth Kokin

Producer, The Usual Suspects, The Way of the Gun, Captain Abu Read

We thought people would like it because we did, but they were more enthusiastic than I anticipated. It was very gratifying. One of my favorite comments was from a fifth grade student who had studied alternative fuels that very day. He was very excited to go back to his teacher and tell her what is happening in Israel.”

Judy Lackritz

This is the best, most amazing (54 minute) film I have EVER seen for Israel…I planned to watch a second and couldn’t turn it off. You’ll learn something about yourself too.”


Israel Inside is superb. It’s broad yet deep. It’s light yet serious. It’s accessible yet formidable. It’s truthful, well-paced and tightly written…It demonstrates very clearly how Israel is a light unto the nations of the world.”

Jeff Morry

I saw the compact version of Israel Inside. It says a lot, covers important themes, is certainly effective, and it’s very well made. A brilliant production.”

Morley Markson

We all had great appreciation for the film, its contents and creators. What a bright, fresh look at the Jewish State! Way to go! Kol Hakavod and Yasher Koach!”

Defense Language Institute in California

Just saw Israel Inside. I have so much nachas I’m bursting! Thanks for making the world a better place.”

Sam Glaser

Glaser Musicworks

I was sobbing watching the video……we are an unbelievable people……Israel IS REAL ly great”


It is a must see for every Jew who is proud of israel and especially for those who are not sure why!.”


New Jersey

Love, love, love Israel Inside. In fact, I consider it Israel’s greatest export since falafel…well, that and the Pentium chip, IM, stem cell research, the pill cam, electric cars and on and on and on, but you get the idea. It is such a powerful tool and crosses so many divides–religious, political…Its message, delivered by no less than Tal Ben Shahar, is something every Israeli, every Jew, everyone with a heart, soul and brain can be so proud of–and HOPEFUL about.”



Sheri Borax

Palm Dessert

We showed the movie, Israel Inside at our NCSY National JUMP Leadership Conference in October 2012 to the participating high school JUMP teams comprising of Yeshiva day school and public school students from schools across the United States.
After the conference, we surveyed the participating teens, and over 75% stated that the movie was one of the best parts of the conference. It gave them a view of Israel that they had not known, and they were moved and thoroughly impressed.”

Carol Rhine, Chief Operating Officer, New York NCSY